WHO announces first official definition of “post-COVID” disease


The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Friday that the first official clinical definition of “post-COVID” disease has been adopted following a global consultation and published to improve the treatment of sufferers.

A common definition

So far, the lack of clarity from health professionals about this disease has complicated efforts to advance research and treatment according to WHO. This led the organization to establish a globally standardized clinical case definition.

“Long Covid” occurs in people who have had a new confirmed or probable coronavirus infection,” usually three months after the onset of Covid-19 (et) with symptoms that last at least two months and cannot be explained by another diagnosis », said Janet Diaz, Head of clinical management at WHO.

She states that symptoms include ” fatigue, shortness of breath, cognitive dysfunctions, but also other symptoms that usually have an impact on daily functioning. They can appear quickly, after the initial recovery from the acute episode, or persist since the initial illness. ».

Better care for the sick

With this definition, the WHO hopes for an “important step forward” for the recognition of these patients post-COVID-19 and hopes for better management.


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