Ukrainian women take crash courses in demining

They are far from their country at war, but have not given up the fight. Here, in the Kosovar town of Peja, these Ukrainians are taking intensive demining courses. Objective, return home armed to neutralize the vast quantities of explosives that trap their homeland. And in this regard, Kosovo has experience and expertise.

The training center is littered with various defused explosives.

For three weeks, trainees will learn how to handle detectors, identify mines and defuse techniques. The aim is to train them to international standards but adding particular elements to Ukrainian theatre. Anastasia is convinced that in this way she will be able to help her compatriots.

Upon their return home in mid-May, Anastasia and her colleagues intend to put their knowledge into practice. And the work will not fail. According to specialists, it will probably take decades to neutralize the thousands of explosive devices still active dumped on nearly half of the territory of Ukraine.

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