Ukrainian women “fight against the darkness of totalitarianism”

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the European Parliament wants to salute the courage of the Ukrainian women. Author Oksana Zaboujko spoke to MEPs to discuss the fate of her country. Through her works she seeks to give voice to women victims of violence Or simply ignored in their fights.

They are fighting against the darkness of totalitarianism which is about to destroy their country because Vladimir Putin has decided that Ukraine will no longer exist“, she explains.”They protect their country, they protect their city, they protect their home, their family“, insists the author.

Oksana Zaboujko recalls that Ukrainian women fight at the front, provide logistics and give birth in cellars. The author points out that every Western hesitation costs the lives of people in her country.

Wake up and help us fight now, before they get to you. The war is here, the war is taking place in Europe“, presses the author. “Your security includes not only strengthening your defense but also unity against these neo-Nazis, this neo-Hitler embodied by Vladimir Putin“, she concludes.

Oksana Zaboujko left Ukraine two weeks ago and does not know when she will be able to return home.

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