Ukrainian civilians leave their country to flee the war

Fearing for their safety, many Ukrainian civilians are already leaving the country. A few hours after the start of therussian invasiona regular train from Kharkov notably transported a few hundred passengers to the Polish city of Przemysl.

“We were very lucky to be able to leave Ukraine with the penultimate train that came here, explains one of the refugees. We have spent the last sixteen hours doing everything to reach Poland. We are very numerous and many will obtain refugee status. We are lucky to have accommodation provided and we are very happy that our Polish friends are ready to help our people.”

The train for some, the road for others. All means are good to leave Ukraine and try to reach neighboring countries such as Poland or even the Hungaryin order to flee the war.

In the east of the country, near areas controlled by Russian-backed separatists, there again, many are choosing exile to avoid the worst.

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