The health pass comes into force in Italy and extends to France

Bars, restaurants, trains… The list of places where it will be necessary to present a sanitary pass in France goes on.

The Constitutional Council validated its extension this Thursday. If approved by a majority of French. His detractors claim their opposition. During the deliberations of the Sages of the caregivers demonstrated against the obligation of a certificate to access the hospital. “We will intensify the movement in September when everyone is back“, says this caregiver in front of the nord hospital in Marseille.

The government admits some flexibility as explained by Olivier VĂ©ran, the Minister of Solidarity and Health : “No one will be deprived of care without a pass. We want to set it up to be sure that in a hospital when there are sick or vulnerable people, the virus will not be introduced”

The Council of Sages has canceled several measures such as automatic and monitored isolation of ten days for infected people.

Italy: The health pass at school

That was the question mark in Italy. The extension of the health pass to the school environment. The Council of Ministers has decided. Teachers will have to present it to go to work and will not receive more salary beyond five days of absence. A precious sesame mandatory also for students except if they are minors.

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