Testimony of Ukrainian refugees on the occasion of Women’s Rights Day

On this International Women’s Day, approximately one million Ukrainian women are living their first days as refugees.

These women represent approximately half of the 2 million people who fled the Russian invasion. With little luggage, they leave a lifetime behind them, as evidenced by Nataliya Grigoriyovna Levchinka, Ukrainian refugee from Donetsk : “What to say? I am constantly in a kind of nightmare that does not stop. I would ignore it if it weren’t for my daughter. I wouldn’t be able to come to my senses. We left everything, my family, my friends, everything we lived for, everything remains behind.

The mental strength of Ukrainian women, according to Katarina Pavlovna from Bakhmutcan overcome everything: “I wish women to stay strong, keep a cool head and keep a healthy way of thinking. It is better to save your life and wait for a moment in safety. Ukrainian women are the strongest in spirit, everything will be fine. We believe in it.

Caregivers of dependent people

Poland, Moldova, Romania… These Ukrainian women have often fled to these countries accompanying dependent people, the elderly or very young children, taking on their shoulders the responsibility of looking after them. Irina Okhrimenko is 29 years old, and is alone with her son Misha, aged one and a half: “_ You know, being with a baby and running away from my family, my husband, my sister and my parents, it’s very hard. I’m alone here and I have no support. Because my family is still in Kyiv and still living in the war”. _

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