Spain prepares to face the 5th wave of Covid-19


The new wave of Covid-19 hitting Europe has little impact for the moment on Spain, which benefits from a high rate of vaccination of its population. But the rise in cases for two weeks worries both health professionals and traders who fear a new white season.

In Spain, even if 80% of the population has already had two doses, vaccination centers have been taken by storm for a few days. The over 60s have just started their recall and more and more refractories, especially the younger generation, have reviewed their position. Since mid-November, nearly two hundred thousand Spaniards have finally taken the first dose.

“I do my first injection before the end of the year holidays, explains a 19-year-old girl. I don’t really need it, but now we don’t really have a choice. “

“Nothing is won”

The new recall campaign follows the upsurge in Covid-19 cases and concerns over the arrival of the Omicron variant in Spain.

“This variant spreadsthree times faster than the previous ones, assuresepidemiologist Ángela Domínguezat the microphone of Euronews. For the moment there is unfortunately no magic recipe. The vaccine is not a definitive solution. We must continue to respect all health rules such as wearing a mask, social distancing or ventilation of rooms. “

For the moment, hospitals are far from being saturated but doctors still call for vigilance. the Dr Javier Garcia Fernandez, president of the anesthesiology and intensive care society, “Really recommend that everyone listen to the advice of doctors and be very careful because nothing is won.”

Traders are worried

Faced with the new restrictions imposed by the regions to fight against this new wave, tourism professionals fear the consequences in the middle of Christmas. While bars and restaurants are already fully booked as the holiday season approaches, they fear the new Omicron variant will ruin all their efforts.

“We cannot afford to close bars and restaurants again, warns Juan José Blardony, director of the Madri hotel association **d **. We have already been hit hard. Most businesses are in debt. We are taking all precautions to avoid an upsurge in cases. “

Spain recorded nearly 100,000 new cases in the past two weeks. This end-of-year period promises to be a new test for the country in its strategy to fight Covid-19.


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