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Sale of the club, press release of the Royal Palace of Cambodia

Sunday evening, The Parisian revealed that the Cambodian crown prince, Norodom Ravichak, made an offer for the redemption of the ASSE. And while the case is announced as almost completed, the Royal Palace of Cambodia has launched a press release to bring an important clarification in this case.

The status of Norodom Ravichak clarified

The Royal Palace of Cambodia made it clear that the title of « Prince » does not exist in its constitution. Indeed, the Ministry of the Royal Palace of Cambodia has just released a statement to clarify the status of Norodom Ravichak, presented as “Crown Prince “ for two days and his interest in theAS Saint-Étienne.

“The Ministry of the Royal Palace of Cambodia presents its compliments to national and international audiences and has the honor to announce, that in recent days, various French newspaper articles referring to the takeover of the French football team of AS Saint-Étienne by the Cambodian crown prince with an offer of 100 million euros. The Ministry of the Royal Palace of Cambodia informs you that according to the constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the law on the Organization and Functioning of the Crown Council, there is no crown prince and no one is designated as crown prince. National and international audiences are kindly requested to consider the above clarification “, writes the Kingship of the Asian country. Never mind. The entourage of the principal concerned confirmed the discussions with the leaders of Saint-Etienne for the takeover of the ASSE.

Ravichak confirms the discussions with the ASSE, but…

Norodom Ravichak confirmed his interest in buying out AS Saint-Étienne. However, the member of the royal family does not confirm the amount of 100 million euros initially announced as his offer to Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caiazzo. Interviewed by Cambodia Mag, the 47-year-old businessman said in particular : “Discussions are ongoing with strong partners, but not on the sums announced. »

The leaders of the ASSE will therefore have to expect a proposal less than the 100 million euros that the local press has been talking about in recent hours. For his part, Norodom Ravichak’s brother also confirmed the information and assured that Romeyer and Caiazzo should accept the offer. “It just occurred to us at that moment. This is the project of my younger brother with his friend, a European businessman. I expect Saint-Étienne to choose this proposal, ” he explained in Thmey Thmey.

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