Rungis market: the feverish “belly of Paris” as the holidays approach


As the end of year celebrations approach, the excitement rises in Rungis, at the gates of Paris. “The belly of the French capital” presents itself as the largest fresh produce market in the world. And despite the continuing Covid crisis and increasing restrictions, the atmosphere remains optimistic. The one nicknamed here “the king of poultry” even foresees shortages of times fat.

We’re going to have a break in the fatty duck, the foie gras, that’s for sure, the duck foie gras, the duck breast, it will be very complicated. The rest we have quantities and implementations that have been made, we have the volumes in front, and so here we are waiting“explains Gino Catena.

For other products, such as meat or exotic fruits, order books are more difficult to fill.

This year because of health reasons, it is a bit difficult to start. After the quality of the goods is at the rendezvous, despite the increase in freight prices. You still have quality products, fresh, and we are fighting for good prices.“, says Guillaume Pudewil, exotic fruit dealer.

Despite the economic uncertainties, new trends are emerging on the holiday tables. At Rungis, for example, we discover vegetable oysters or salmon eggs without salmon. Enough to fuel family debates.


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