Romeyer answers Riolo about the sale of the club !

Daniel Riolo dropped a bomb yesterday by assuring that the sale of the ASSE was already closed and that it remained only to settle some details before the official announcement. Roland Romeyer, the president of the executive board of the Saint-Etienne formation, made a new point on this big file.

ASSE: the sale of the club already acted ?

For several months now, Bernard Caiazzo and Roland Romeyer have publicly expressed their willingness to sell the AS Saint-Étienne. In search of a successor, the owners of the Ligerian club may have found a potential buyer. In any case, Daniel Riolo is totally convinced. “The club is for sale. Almost sold. And I think it’s a total bust – up at the club right now “, launched the sports journalist on the antennas of RMC. Continuing, he assures that all that remains is to settle the personal case of the president of the supervisory committee of Saint-Étienne Bernard Caiazzo, before the end is definitively closed.

“There it is sold. Everything is in place. Bernard Caiazzo just has to find a way to keep his place on the League board and then it’s sold. He wants to keep a foothold in history. The season is going to be boring for Saint-Étienne, with the objective of saving himself so that the sale is set up, that the buyer decides with whom he will continue. Set up your project “, adds Riolo. Without questioning the words of the columnist of the After Foot, Romeyer has set a new deadline for the transfer of the Greens.

ASSE: Romeyer sets a new date for the sale of the club

Present at the inauguration of the Centre sportif Robert-Herbin on Monday afternoon, Roland Romeyer, the co-president of theAS Saint-Étienne admitted that he has indeed given KPMG a mandate to quickly find a viable buyer, and very much hopes that the matter can be resolved before January.

“The problem with the sale of the club is that it is not a grocery store… We announced in April, the two shareholders, that we were selling the club for a problem of succession and to allow the club to maybe one day compete with those who are very rich “, announced the Stéphanois leader in the columns of the newspaper progress.

“We have entrusted and signed a mandate with KPMG which is a sales specialist and which examines applications, financially controls them, sees the sports project they present. But it is not done like that. I hope that we can get there quickly enough, that we will find the appropriate successors, for the values, for the staff that is in place and that is of quality (…) We will get there, I would like it to be done before the end of this first part of the season, ” he added.

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