Puel makes an important revelation about Ramirez !

The only summer recruit of the ASSE, Juan Ignacio Ramirez has already made its mark on the Etrat and Claude Puel expected no less. Moreover, the coach of the club Stéphanois indulged on the underside of the arrival of the Uruguayan striker.

The ASSE has an option to purchase for Ramirez

Looking for a centre-forward for several months, theAS Saint-Étienne has managed this summer to offer the services of Juan Ignacio Ramirez. The 24-year-old Uruguayan international arrived in Forez as part of a season-long loan from Liverpool FC in Montevideo. While some people questioned whether the agreement reached between ASSE leaders and their Uruguayan counterparts included a buyout option, Claude Puel took stock of this file. Guest this morning on France Bleu Saint-Étienne Loire, the coach of the Greens assured that the Ligerian club has a purchase option and is priority at the end of the season.

“This is the first time he has left his country, that he travels. I already hope that it will quickly acclimatize and also adapt to this change of football, there is more density, less spaces in our home. We have a call option, a possibility to lift that call option. We would therefore have priority, but everything will depend at that time on the finances of the club “, indicated Puel who already seems to want to launch his new number 9.

Juan Ignacio Ramirez fit against Montpellier ?

A week after his arrival in France, Juan Ignacio Ramirez could already make his big debut under the jersey of AS Saint-Étienne. Indeed, Claude Puel ensures that his new striker is qualified for Sunday’s match against Montpellier HSC, at the Stade de la Mosson at 13h. He is therefore likely to play his first minutes in Ligue 1 in two days. “He is qualified so he is likely to be on the pitch on Sunday in Montpellier “, throws the Green technician before drawing up the portrait of Ramirez.

“He is a player that is interesting because he is a real axial striker, who stays in the box, who is always at the drop point and who has good movement in front of goal. He is an intelligent player who places well, moves well. He is not a great dribbler or a player who hits on the other hand. But when a ball drags, it has the necessary composure in front of goal, ” he explains. The fans can’t wait !

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