PSG defeated by City, but qualified for the round of 16


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PSG were easily beaten by Manchester City on Wednesday in shock for the head of Group A (2-1). Paris can console itself with its qualification for the round of 16, ensured by the defeat of Bruges against Leipzig.

PSG is holding its tenth consecutive qualification for the knockout stages of the Champions League. However, for the way, we will come back. Kylian Mbappé’s teammates were dominated by a superior Manchester City and conceded a logical defeat (2-1) despite an opener against the course of the game of his French prodigy.

The scenario of the match was cruel for the Parisians, who gave up when they were best settled in the game, and when the hardest part seemed behind them.

From heist to shipwreck

The goal of Kylian Mbappé (50th) drew the film of the perfect robbery, after a first period that the English dominated, before the entry into play of Gabriel Jesus (54th), as a providential savior.

The Brazilian striker was involved in the equalizer of Raheem Sterling (63rd), before scoring the 2-1 (76th), in a stadium that let his joy explode.

This outcome left Paris haggard, but given the impressions that coach Mauricio Pochettino’s men have left since the start of the competition, it was difficult for them to dream of better. They provided the minimum service by qualifying for the round of 16, thanks to the help of RB Leipzig, victorious in Bruges (5-0).

But for the first place, the step was too high for a team which suffers in each of its matches of C1. City, the more successful collective, even in the absence of Kevin de Bruyne, won the cup.

PSG will play a final game without a stake against the Belgians on December 7. His next thrill is scheduled for December 13, for the 8th draw.

Second in their group, Neymar’s teammates can fall on big, like Liverpool, Bayern Munich, even Chelsea, so many formations that can put an end to their ambition to win the title prematurely.

Mbappé superstar

By then, they have three months to progress and become a collective capable of climbing onto the roof of Europe.

At the Etihad Stadium, the Parisians kept the game plan the first leg, where they won 2-0, highlighting the talent of their superstars to hide their collective failings. Without forgetting a lot of solidarity, when it was necessary to resist the multiple attacks of Mancuniens, encouraged by their public to always go forward. What to feed the thesis that this team is stagnating.

The last-minute absence of Marco Verratti, who was injured in training on Tuesday, did not help them in their quest for mastery either.

Pochettino will be able to respond to criticism that his method worked for an hour, until Jesus came into play.

What will remain of this match is that Mbappé is still in exceptional form, with a 7th goal in his last four matches. This is his 29th achievement in 50 C1 matches!

The man at the start of the season didn’t need much to score. After spoiling a face-to-face meeting in the first period (44th), on his second chance, he hit the mark. Alone, he took over Messi’s cross deflected by Kyle Walker, before going to celebrate in the corner point in a silent stadium.

The “MNM” still untraceable

This action is, moreover, one of the rare times when the “MNM” has come to the fore. The trio formed by Messi, Mbappé and Neymar remains a building site.

It is individually that “Ney“tried to make the difference, but after a nice raid, the Brazilian missed his duel against Ederson (74th).

For the rest, we must see the side of the defenders, who built a waterproof dyke in the first period when Manchester City unfolded Manchester City way, with constant pressing which wrung out the Parisians, entrenched in their camp.

Presnel Kimpembe deflected with his head, on his line, the attempt of Rodri (5th), then Marquinhos countered that of Oleksandr Zinchenko (28th).

The side Achraf Hakimi joined the effort, with a header that removed the goal of Mahrez (32nd) from the frame.

Keylor Navas, too, stood out against Mahrez (33rd) or Jesus (71st). Before bowing twice, logically. At the final whistle, the Mancunian public was able to resume “Wonderwall” from the group Oasis, fan of the club, the light heart.

Relive the match with our liveblog.


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