Prague: Internet radio broadcasts information for Ukrainian refugees

In this studio, the Ukrainian flag hangs on the wall and does not leave Sofia’s mind for a second. After 28 hours on the bus to flee Ukraine, she arrived at her aunt’s house in Prague and works in this web radio which broadcasts practical information for the 300,000 Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic. This is her way of participating in the effort. of war : “Not everyone can go to the front lines of war. Everyone must do what they know how to do best. Doing my job is the best way for me to help”

Radio Ukraine broadcasts Western and Ukrainian music and news bulletins for refugees every 15 minutes Connection with the public is immediate

I feel like I’m not alone. That someone from Ukraine, like me, is listening to Ukrainian radio right now touches me deeply.”, explains moved a refugee

On these waves, we give advice on how to rebuild your life. Take a new start. Among the important information: how to apply for a job, access medical care and enroll your children in school.

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