Poland: Krakow, scene of demonstrations by Ukrainian refugees

Every day, the famous Old Town of Krakow, Poland is the scene of protests by groups of Ukrainian citizens forced to flee their war-torn country.

They tirelessly call on Western leaders to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Among the demonstrators, a group of children comes from a bombed-out orphanage in the city ​​of Kharkov.

Oleksandra Solovka arrived from Kyiv a few days ago:”Help us to save the lives of our children and our women and to protect the whole of Europe because this is war between humanity and war against all life in the world

Everyone here calls on the citizens of Western countries to put pressure on their governments, as Mia :

The children of Ukraine are being killed, because of that idiot, Putin. We can close the sky. NATO can close the sky. These people who are killed, there are so many people. There is a genocide in my country. There’s no reason for that.”

But also some Ukrainians living in Poland, like Andriy Fuchenko : “Please, the whole world! Don’t stay silent! Please help us. We need your help. What I also say is for everyone. What I say is for Biden, for Macron, for Salt Johnson and for the people. I want to tell you all for you: if you don’t stop Putin, the blood of the Ukrainian people will be on your hands.

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