On the 30th day of war, Joe Biden waited 80 km from the Ukrainian border

  • Joe Biden promised Thursday for the first time a “response” of NATO in the conflict in Ukraine if Russia resorted to chemical weapons there, a risk considered very real during summits of the alliance and the G7 gathered in Brussels after a month of a deadly and devastating war launched by Vladimir Putin.

  • The US president is visiting Poland on Friday in a town near the Ukrainian border, stepping into the front line against the Russian invasion of Ukraine

  • The United Nations General Assembly voted Thursday in New York, with an overwhelming majority of 140 votes “for”, 38 abstentions and five “against” including Russia, Syria and North Korea, a motion demanding the end immediate effect of the Russian offensive.

  • The Ukrainian army claimed that in the Sea of ​​Azov, the Russian ship “Saratov”, intended for a “landing” operation, “was destroyed during the attack on the occupied port of Berdyansk”. Two other Russian landing ships, the “Caesar Kunikov” and the “Novocherkassk”, were also “damaged”, according to kyiv.

  • In Mariupol, heavily bombarded, the situation deteriorated further. The mayor of the port city, Vadim Boychenko, advanced Thursday evening on Telegram a final assessment of 15,000 inhabitants taken “by force” to Russia on board buses, as well as “the confiscation of Ukrainian passports” of inhabitants stuck on square.

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