Omicron variant: South Africans speak out against travel restrictions


Hundreds of people remain stranded at airports in South Africa. The images annoy politicians. The responsible: the new Omicron variant. It has already reached the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Italy. Faced with this expansion, some countries are protecting themselves and increasing the number of flight cancellations from a few African states.

Many of the countries that have come up with these kind of draconian restrictions are themselves facing the wave, which is why I was saying that the reaction of some countries that impose these bans is totally against the norms and standards guided by the Organization. world health. “, denounces Joe Phaahla, Minister of Health of South Africa

61 passengers tested positive

Travelers are caught off guard and politicians raise their voices in vain as these restrictions will multiply.

Yesterday, 61 passengers from South Africa tested positive for Covid-19 upon arrival in the Netherlands. The final results are expected during the day, but it could be an infection linked to this new strain.

In Europe, caution is required until a question is resolved: is the vaccine effective against this new variant?


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