OM Mercato: A new starting point for Didier Drogba


Although retired since 2018, Didier Drogba remains present on the football scene. The former Olympique de Marseille goalscorer will even add a new string to his bow. The former captain of the Elephants will make his debut in the media.

Didier Drogba joins the ranks of Canal Plus

Former strikerOlympique de Marseille, Didier Drogba will make his TV debut. After trying to take the presidency of the Football Federation of his country, the former Chelsea player will start a new adventure in the media. After several weeks of negotiations, the former captain of the Ivory Coast Elephants joins the teams of Canal Plus as a consultant. Based on information provided by The Team, the winner of the Champions League with Chelsea in 2012 will officiate as a consultant for the Channel Champions Club. The program presented by HervĂ© Matthoux is devoted to C1. The double African Ballon d’Or (2006 and 2009) will make its debut on the next day of the C1 on October 19.

With Drogba, the OM family grows on Canal

Didier Drogba consultant for Canal

By attaching the services of Didier Drogba, the encrypted channel offers the services of another former Olympique de Marseille. Before the Ivorian, Samir Nasri had already been recruited as a consultant for the same show. In the aftermath, the former attacking midfielder of OM or Manchester City announced his retirement from sports. Like him, Rudi Garcia officie sur Canal Plus waiting to find a bench. The 57-year-old technician has been free since his departure from Olympique Lyonnais at the end of the last financial year. The former Marseille coach comments on some Champions League matches on the antennas of the Canal group.

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