New disturbing revelations about the sale of the club !

Set “before the end of this first part of the season “ by Roland Romeyer, the sale of ASSE seems to have come to a halt in recent days.

No serious plans for the takeover of ASSE

Taking stock of the sale ofAS Saint-Étienne, RMC Sport has thrown a huge chill in this file dear to Presidents Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caiazzo. According to information gathered by sports radio, the process has not seen any major progress in recent days despite the entry of the Cambodian prince Norodom Ravichak. “It is not possible to be at the bottom with so many uncertainties, it is palpable “, launched an internal source.

Still according to the same source, to this day, “no project presented “, whether that of Norodom Ravichak, Olivier Markarian or Terrapin Partners, would not be for the moment “considered serious”. Not to mention the actions of the president of the supervisory committee of the ASSE, Bernard Caiazzo, presented as a brake on this file. The co-owner of AS Saint-Étienne does not facilitate things in this file since he would like to draw a “very nice sum from the operation” and would also want to have a place of decision-maker in the club.

This is not the case of his companion Roland Romeyer who is in a hurry to pass the hand. The 76-year-old French businessman has even already left his Etrat office. An atmosphere that makes an elder of the house say that the sale of the club is far from over.

Frédéric Paquet expresses reservations about the sale of the club

Former general manager of AS Saint-Étienne from January 2018 to August 2019, Frédéric Paquet is always interested in the news of the Ligerian club. The former leader of the LOSC was therefore logically questioned about the sale of the ASSE. In the columns of the regional newspaper progress, the former strongman of the Greens acknowledged that this issue will not be easy to carry to the end.

“The current situation of the ASSE ? I am well placed to know that it is difficult to have a relevant judgment when you are not inside the structure. The sale of the club is a long series of twists and turns. I had experienced the almost sale with Peak6 in 2018. The presidents have announced a deadline at the end of the year, we will quickly know if it is the end of the series or only the end of one season before the next.”, explained Frédéric Paquet.

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