Mauro Icardi, shattering new ad from Wanda Nara

A little over a week ago, Wanda Nara made a smashing exit on social networks to announce her divorce from Mauro Icardi, the PSG striker. Monday night, the TV presenter and Argentine businesswoman again split with a shattering statement about her relationship with the 28-year-old player.

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara are together again

Obviously, this is the end of a rocambolesque soap opera Wanda Nara-Mauro Icardi. After a week of marital problems exposed on social networks, and with repercussions on the sporting plan for his companion, Wanda Nara announced her reconciliation on Monday night with Paris Saint-Germain striker Mauro Icardi.

In a love letter published on her Instagram account, the young lady of 34 years explains that she has notably filed for divorce, before changing her mind after a fiery letter from the former captain of Inter Milan. After ten days of shattering statements, rumors and back and forth by private jet between Paris and Milan, the Wanda Nara-Mauro Icardi case delivered its conclusion this Monday evening.

Wanda Nara’s message of love to Mauro Icardi

“The photos I uploaded over the past few months show how good and happy we were. After what happened, I was very hurt. Every day I asked Mauro for a divorce. When he realized that there was no possible return, he told me that we could not continue like this, that if parting was the only way to end so much pain, we had to do it. We went to the lawyer. In two days, Mauro accepted all the conditions and we signed the agreement.

The next day he wrote me a letter like no one had ever written to me before: “I gave you everything and you have everything, I hope you can be happy, because it would make me happy”. And that’s when I realized something: that having everything, I have nothing if I’m not with him! I am sure that this bad pass we are going through will strengthen us as a couple and as a family.

The important thing is that we both had the freedom to end our 8-year history, but with our souls tired of crying, we freely chose each other again. I love you Mauro,” wrote Wanda Nara on Instagram, with a photo of her alongside her husband.

Football will owe its rights to Mauro Icardi and for the Paris SG.

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