Luis Suarez swings Barca’s ridicule

Important Barça player with Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez was pushed to the exit. The Atlético Madrid player balances the inconsistencies of the Catalan club.

Atlético: Luis Suarez swings on the atmosphere at Barça

Even without saying it, the departure of Luis Suarez of FC Barcelona played in Lionel Messi’s decision to let go of this club for PSG. The Argentine player did not appreciate the way his former accomplice in attack was put out by his leaders. But the decision of the club Blaugrana to release the former Liverpool striker was motivated by the decision of his coach Ronald Koeman. The Dutchman had let his managers know that he did not count on Suarez before reneging on his word vis-à-vis the player.

In the columns of ESPN, El Pistolero returned to his exchanges with the Dutch coach a few days before his departure. “I tried to terminate my contract, because the club no longer wanted me and I was at an age when no one wanted to pay a lot of money for me”, begins by affirming the player. Before going on to say: “Everything was ready for the termination of the contract and I was going to sign at Atlético. »

But a coup de théâtre, Ronald Koeman came back to him to declare : “I have already told the president that if he does not decide tomorrow, Sunday, against Villarreal, I count on you. » Inevitably, he did not let it pass since he asked him the question : “How can you count on me if I was not in your plans? »

Ronald Koeman was ready to change his mind

Luis Suarez saw Koeman change his mind

Although embarrassed by the relevant question, the Dutch coach would have answered him: ” You weren’t, but now you are. » A real mess that Luis Suarez no longer understood. It should be noted that his managers had pretexted his absence in the plans of his coach to consider his departure. Now that the same coach comes back to tell him that he is again ready to rely on him a few days after the message that the club passed him.

In the end, no one really knows the chain of decision within the FC Barcelona. Lionel Messi, strongly raised by the departure of his friend Suarez, had put his in the balance. Barça had refused, forcing him to honor the year of contract he had left. Without the evidence of a renewal of the Barcelona squad, the player preferred to join PSG who had the merit of making him a most enticing economic offer in addition to presenting a team of high-level players. For his part, Luis Suarez is not doing badly either. He won the championship with Atlético Madrid the year he left.

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