Lebanon has suffered a power cut since Saturday

Once the sun goes down, Lebanon is totally in the dark.

The country is plunged Saturday into a total blackout after the shutdown of the activity of two major power plants for lack of fuel”.

After the Deir Ammar power station was forced to shut down its electricity production yesterday morning due to the depletion of its diesel oil reserves, the Zahrani power station also shut down this afternoon for the same reason“, the EDL said in a statement.

A source at the Ministry of Energy told AFP that efforts were being made”to find a solution to the problem“. In its statement, the EDL stated thatan oil tanker was scheduled to arrive Saturday night and be unloaded early next week.

These cuts paralyze the lives of the population and several vital sectors, while the managers of private generators also ration shops, hospitals and homes, as fuel becomes scarce.

Towards new reforms?

Mired in an unprecedented crisis, the country has been experiencing draconian power rations for months, and is struggling to import fuel, against the background of a historic tumble in the national currency and a drying up of foreign currencies.

Formed in September after 13 months of political wrangling, thehe new government committed to initiate reforms in the electricity sector and gradually restore public power.

Lebanon is negotiating with Egypt and Jordan to deliver gas and electricity through Syria, while the Shi’ite Hezbollah movement has announced several deliveries of Iranian fuel in recent weeks to alleviate severe power and fuel shortages.

An agreement was also reached between the authorities and Iraq for the distribution of Iraqi oil to Lebanon in return for medical services.

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