Kabul: international aid is organized, time is running out for Afghans


300 million euros”. This is the amount of European aid allocated to the Afghan people. It will mainly result in the shipment of food to Kabul.

On twitter the President of the European Commission Ursula van der leyen details the outlines.

: “We stand with the Afghan people. Today, the EU flight to Kabul was and will continue to carry essential aid.”

While international humanitarian aid is coming on a drip, time is running out for Afghans. Their situation is alarming.

From morning to night we sit here, hungry and thirsty, but there is no work that we can not find even 10 Afghanis a day.”, laments an Afghan worker.

Afghans know that international aid is organized, but hope for a fair distribution. “We want the Islamic eMirate to fairly distribute the money received from the international community.”, asks this other worker.

Assistance to displaced persons

Last month, as war raged in at least thirty Afghan provinces, many people had to leave their homes

The Refugee and Repatriation Department in Kabul managed to reunite 130 internally displaced families (IDPs).

The association says it has helped nearly 10,000 Afghans. Donate cash or rent cars for families to return to their provinces. Organizations ensure this, this assistance will continue until all displaced persons return to their homes.


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