Iraqis vote for early parliamentary elections under heavy protection

In Iraq, some 25 million voters are called to the polls to elect 329 “deputies.

From the opening of the offices, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi voted in Baghdad’s ultra-secure green zone. He is the favorite, but will have to deal with the great pro-Iran rivals

Early legislative elections

Experts are already predicting a record abstention. Scheduled for 2022, the elections were brought forward to calm the protest fall 2019 suppressed in blood with 600 dead and 30,000 injured. The expression of popular discontent with rising corruption, failing public services and a failing economy.

Elections under high security

The Islamic State group remains active in Iraq. Airports closed on Saturday evening and will not reopen until dawn on Monday. Travel between provinces is prohibited and restaurants and shopping centres must remain closed.

Dozens of international observers from the United Nations and the European Union will oversee the process.

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