In Kiev, Ukrainians celebrate the anniversary of Maidan

Ukraine commemorated the anniversary of the Maidan revolution on Sunday.

The protest movement erupted in November 2013 after the government refused to sign an association agreement with Europe to replace an agreement with Russia.

At least 105 people have been killed in the crackdown on protests against the pro-Russian government of Viktor Yanukovych.

Petro, painter: “We must remember that people sacrificed their lives for Ukraine, for our future in Europe, we must respect this memory, and cherish it” says a Ukrainian artist from Dombass and living today today in Kyiv.

Most of the deaths were recorded between February 18 and 20, 2014, when security forces tried to disperse the crowd in Maidan Square, in the center of Kiev.

Faced with discontent, President Viktor Yanukovych ended up fleeing and taking refuge in Russia.

Moscow maintains that the Maidan movement was a coup plotted by Western powers.

Russia annexed Crimea immediately after the Maidan revolution.

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