“In a few days, young people end up in the cemetery”: the ravages of Covid-19 in Russia


New record for Covid-related deaths in Russia: 890 deaths in 24 hours. The Delta variant is wreaking havoc, especially as vaccination progresses slowly.

On the Covid-19 front, Russia is going from record to record. The number of deaths increases from one day to the next: 890 deaths recorded in 24 hours, this Sunday. Unheard of in this country since the beginning of the epidemic.

The Delta variant takes its toll, especially as vaccination progresses very slowly.

“I was not vaccinated,” said the woman on a hospital bed. I always put off until later. And there the virus fell on me all at once. »

Experts deplore a sluggish vaccination campaign. Less than a third of Russians are fully vaccinated to date, even though several vaccines are available.

But the message is not getting through, especially among young people, as Dr. Sergey Babikov, head of department at the Stavropol Hospital, acknowledges.

With nearly 210,000 deaths since the outbreak began, according to the official toll, Russia is now the most affected country in Europe.

Oleg Kolpakov is the head of the Nevinnomyssk cemetery (south-west of the country).

_”We used to do a hundred funerals a month. Now we’re doing double that.

Young people, students, workers, who were healthy, in a few days the virus puts them flat. And some end up here. »


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