Hungarian legislative: ballot papers found in a dump in Romania

During the legislative elections on Sunday in Hungary, partially burned ballot papers were discovered in a dump in Romania.

It was a journalist from a local website who shot these images. We see ballots already filled in by voters who voted for opposition parties.

If the ballot takes place on Sunday in Hungary, Hungarian nationals living in bordering countries can already vote by post. But this system is considered vulnerable to fraud by the opposition parties who see behind these thrown ballots a maneuver of Fidesz, the party in power.

“Of course, we knew that Fidesz was corrupting and subverting democracy. But this is the first time we have seen open evidence that the ruling party humiliates and exploits Hungarians living across the border in using them as political tools”, underlines Richárd Barabás, the spokesman of the centre-left ecologist party.

After the discovery of these ballots, Péter Márki-Zay, the opposition candidate for the post of Prime Minister in Hungary, asked for the annulment of the postal votes.

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