Greek firefighters battle blazes in several regions


Two dead, about twenty injured and thousands of acres destroyed. For the past three days, fires have ravaged part of Greece. The Attica fire, which started from the northwestern suburb of Varympompi, remains uncontrollable. It charred much of the green lung of Athens. Thousands of people had to flee their homes while homes caught fire overnight. After destroying fields and dwellings, flames attack roads.

The human toll increased to 2 deaths

Meanwhile, one man was killed by the fall of an electricity pylon in an area near Athens, another, found inanimate died in his factory in Krioneri. Of our many challenges await firefighters to prevent this toll from getting heavier.

“_There are currently very strong winds that make the firefighting effort very difficult. The forest is not easy to access either for vehicles or for the pedestrian sections of the fire brigade. There are many people who do not want to leave their homes, especially vulnerable people. This is our biggest challenge : to transfer them to certain reception facilities”, explains Nikos Peppas, elected official of Attica.

European firefighters in reinforcement

About fifty blazes remain active in the country, the most critical being on the island of Evia near the capital, where hundreds of people had to be evacuated by boat. In this tourist area, time is running out flames reach the shore. Another region in tension : the Peloponnese in the south of the country.

Greek firefighters need help. Firefighters from France, Switzerland, Sweden, Cyprus and Romania come to help.


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