Governor Andrew Cuomo questioned for sexual harassment

New York: Governor Andrew Cuomo questioned for sexual harassment

Andrew Cuomo, 63 years old, is challenged by the conclusions of an independent investigation accusing him of having sexually harassed several women. The report mentions inappropriate gestures, unwanted kisses and hugs, as well as inappropriate remarks.

The first allegations date back to December. In all, eleven complainants including current and former employees of his state. A civil investigation that, for the moment, has no criminal consequences at this stage.

The Governor will not resign for the moment

“The independent investigation concluded that Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed several women. By his conduct, he is violating federal and state laws,” says New York Attorney General Letitia James

At this point only Cuomo can decide whether or not to resign. While calls for him to do so are multiplying, for him it is out of the question. The governor of New York denies the accusations and claims he is innocent.

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