French soldiers train on a shooting range in Romania

Just days after Russia invaded Ukraine, NATO Response Force units were sent to Romania. At the moment, more than 500 French soldiers, and about 300 Belgians, are present on the Cincu firing range.

Armored vehicles and a dozen French soldiers storm the enemy positions… To train. live ammunition exercise, in one of the largest Romanian training areas. In particular, they tested mortar fire, anti-tank missile fire, rifles and machine guns.

Train alongside other foreign soldiers

Arrived in Romania at the end of February, these French soldiers were initially posted on an air base near the Black Sea… They are currently stationed in this firing range of Cincu, alongside other foreign soldiers. A good opportunity according to Louis : “We share some weapons with the Romanians for training. They tried our assault weapon too. It’s really good to have the opportunity to train with other nations.”

Several hundred soldiers of the French army will be stationed here permanently, Paris having agreed to reinforce the NATO battle group.

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