France Covid-19: new demonstrations against the health pass

France Covid-19: new demonstrations against the health pass

Since the announcements of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, the demonstrations of the “anti pass” multiply everywhere in France.

Last Thursday, July 22 in Paris, a fifth demonstration against the health pass took place. As elsewhere in France, the demonstrators denounced the health pass. “I don’t want to be considered a sub-citizen because I refuse to be vaccinated or to have a PCR test, my body belongs to me,” said one demonstrator. “They are going to take away our freedom, they are going to force us to get vaccinated. I risk losing my job and the stability of my family,” said another.

The demonstrators have diverse profiles

The most surprising thing is that among the demonstrators, we find some caregivers. We can quote this nurse who fears losing her job.
“Today there are many who do not know what they will do on September 15 or colleagues who have left to rush to get vaccinated because they say they have children, a mortgage and they have no choice but from today I work on instinct because I do not know the adverse effects of the vaccine,” she said. There are also activists, retirees and some figures of the yellow vest movement.

According to the French Academy of Sciences, adverse reactions are extremely rare and listed. As in France, in Cameroon and many other african countries, the Covid-19 vaccination is not progressing.

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