France 2022 – Nawal, 23: “Voting, I don’t think it’s going to change anything”

Nawal Dresler is 23 years old and has been working in the restaurant business for three years in the Lyon region. Franco-Ecuadorian, he arrived in France 3 years ago. He did not register on the electoral lists and will therefore not be able to vote this year. For him, the vote will not change anything.

Euronews: Are you going to vote in the next elections?

Nawal Dresler: No, I didn’t register, I didn’t know, I didn’t really have the information. Speaking with people, colleagues from work, with my friends, no one knew the deadline. I always thought the date had already passed.

Have you ever voted in elections in France?

No, I have never voted in my life. The fact of voting attracted me, even if deep down I have the impression that it will not change anything.

Do you often talk about politics with your loved ones?

Yes, but I try not to talk too much about it. I find this to be a divisive subject. Everyone ends up getting confused. What I hear a lot from my friends who vote or who say they vote, when in the end they don’t really do it, is: “I’m going to vote for him because I don’t want the other to pass “. So, I tell myself that I really don’t want to vote, why vote for one, just so that the other does not pass?

What could motivate you to vote?

Maybe a younger candidate, someone who represents me more. Someone through whom I see myself. There, I would make an effort. But it would take an effort. Already, it’s something that does not attract me much. So, I have to make an effort and for me to make an effort, someone has to come and speak to me from the heart, I have to say to myself: “I have to vote for him”.

How could we vote more simply, in your opinion?

Vote over the Internet. 100% by Internet and do not register. I would surely vote in this case and I think my friends would too.

Voting, for you, should it be a collective process?

With your friends, you could say to yourself: “Here, let’s talk about politics in a healthy way and come on, let’s vote”. I think a lot of people would vote. We all live in France, we will all have the same president, the same person who will lead us. Why not try to find a point in the middle.

Do you believe in political honesty?

No not necessarily. I find it’s just a race to see who gets the most attention.

Politically, do you know where to place yourself?

No, I can’t place myself. On some things I agree, but these are measures that I consider very right wing. I think I’m between the two, between the far right and the far left sometimes. So I would say right in the middle. I never liked this concept of right or left.

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