Extreme climatic conditions recreated in a laboratory to test their impacts

Practice saving gestures in extreme conditions”. No need to climb for hours on the highest peaks on the planet. In Bolzano, Italy, this research center is capable of generating extreme conditions and temperatures, from -40 degrees to +60. Objective: to test the reaction of organisms and objects.

In these rooms, we can accelerate time or expose biological organisms, which can be plants or other small organisms, to extreme climatic conditions, in terms of temperature, altitude, humidity and so on, to understand how they behave in the face of climate change” explains Christian Steurer, Head of the Center, terraXcube, Eurac Research.

Here we simulate the freezing of this tractor cabin. The researchers will then measure the speed at which the glass will be defrosted. Important information for builders.

Companies work together with institutes, research institutes, with startups and this is actually the message we want to give: let’s join forces to accelerate change and to save the planet” underlines Vincent Mauroit, Director of Innovation and Technology Transfer, NOI Techpark Alto Adige.

This research center has more than 400 scientists and brings together four universities, 40 private companies, 30 start-ups and 40 laboratories.

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