Endlessly recyclable mattresses: the recipe of a factory in central France

This factory in central France has developed the technique to endlessly recycle the polyurethane foam from used mattresses and make new ones”.

The foam is first shredded into chips that are then dipped in a chemical bath heated to more than 200 degrees.

Christian Siest is the director of Orrion Chemicals Orgafom: “Before introducing the foam into the reactor, we will prepare a reaction mixture, this mixture, it is prepared from a polyol, then the polyol, it is the main raw material that composes the polyurethane foam.”

Once heated, the plant recovers a viscous brown liquid that can in turn be transformed into foam for new mattresses.

The company Eco-mobilier estimates that four million foam mattresses are discarded each year in France.

Dominique Mignon, director of Eco-Mobilier’: “This chemical recycling, this recycling innovation, which consists in manufacturing foam with recycled foam, will effectively achieve our ambitious goal of one hundred percent recycling and recovery for these mattresses, zero waste finally for bedding in France.”

From January 1st, the anti-waste law will impose in France manufacturers and distributors to take back used mattresses.

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