Drama of the Jonelière, new press release of the club !

Thursday afternoon, a player of the reserve team of FC Nantes made a heart ailment on the fields of La Jonelière. The Nantes club has laid a statement this Sunday to give the latest news of this 19-year-old player.

A young Nantes man in an induced coma after being unwell

Transported to the hospital, the 19-year-old is in a coma according to Ouest France. The scheduled match against FC Andrézieux this Saturday (16h) has been postponed. A drama has arisen on the training grounds of FC Nantes. The Ligue 1 club unveiled Friday in a statement that a player of its reserve team (National 2) had been the victim of a malaise the day before at the Plaine de Jeux de la Jonelière, while the group was preparing the reception of FC Andrézieux Saturday (at 16h).

The regional daily says that the 19-year-old’s health problem is of a cardiac nature and that he was placed in an artificial coma at the university hospital centre (CHU) in Nantes. The club, in a state of shock, asked the French Football Federation (FFF) and obtained, with the agreement of all parties, the postponement of the match scheduled for Saturday. Affirming its support for the player and his relatives, FC Nantes refused to communicate his identity ” out of respect and at the request of the family. “Fresh news from the young Nantes native has just been given.

Official press release of FC Nantes

Admitted Thursday evening to the hospital following a malaise occurred during training, the player of the National 2 squad woke up Saturday, after being put in an induced coma by the medical staff. Today, he still remains under hospital supervision and is recovering little by little. FC Nantes is obviously delighted with such news and gives the player, his family and his loved ones all their support in this event.

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