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Despite an extension, Jordan Amavi on the start ?

Lacking playing time at OM since the beginning of the season, Jordan Amavi is no longer smelling of holiness within the Olympique de Marseille. The Phocaean club even wanted to get rid of him during this summer transfer window.

OM Mercato: Jordan Amavi pushed to the exit

It is a revelation that may surprise many. While his contract expired last June, Jordan Amavi decided to continue his adventure at OM. He has extended his lease with Olympique de Marseille until June 2025 with a nice salary revelation to the key. Now the left-back collects around 300, 000 euros per year according to information from The Team.

However, Jordan Amavi is not immune to a departure from Olympique de Marseille. The sports daily also reveals that the 27-year-old had a great chance of leaving the Phocaean club during this summer transfer window. The source explains that the OM management had clearly placed it on the list of potential starters. The Phocaean leaders wanted to sell it this summer, despite the extension of its lease. The objective of OM was to touch a nice check on a probable departure of Jordan Amavi.

Jordan Amavi in trouble in Marseille

Holder of a good exit, the Marseille defender was therefore likely to leave this summer, if a good offer appeared on the office of Pablo Longoria. But no suitors have come forward for the former West Ham player. Jordan Amavi finally stayed at Olympique de Marseille where he did not fit into Jorge Sampaoli’s plans.

The Marseille defender has so far played no matches in the Marseille shirt this season. Aware that it will be difficult for him to reverse the trend, he could take advantage of the next transfer window to change his tune. Everything is still possible in this file.

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