Deadly shipwreck in the English Channel: new tensions between the United Kingdom and France


It is in the Mardyck camp near Dunkirk that the 27 people who died in the Channel are said to have lived for several days. In the North of France, makeshift camps are often built by migrants wishing to reach the United Kingdom. the latter live there in extremely precarious conditions.

This year, 47,000 attempts to cross to the United Kingdom took place from the French coast. The smugglers are claiming several thousand euros from people wishing to reach the English coast. Following the tragedy that occurred Wednesday, November 25, five people were arrested.

London and Paris split over migration issue

Since the sinking, a new escalation of tensions has set in between France and the United Kingdom. France accuses the United Kingdom of the conditions for granting asylum “not strict enough”. While Boris Johnson asks his French counterpart to take back the migrants arriving in England from France.

Following this request from the British Prime Minister, France excluded the United Kingdom from a crisis meeting organized in Calais between France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the European Commission.

According to the UK Home Office, the number of migrants reaching the UK by boat this year is now more than three times the 2020 total.

Wednesday’s sinking is the deadliest since the increase in Channel crossings in 2018.


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