Afghanistan: two regional capitals in Taliban hands

The Taliban are inexorably gaining ground as NATO forces complete their withdrawal.

On social networks, the first images of the Taliban’s entry into the town of Zaranj, in southwestern Afghanistan, on the Iranian border, circulated. Very symbolic, the capture of this provincial capital, without real resistance of the Afghan forces, sounded like a severe warning in the face of the advance of the insurgents.

And this Saturday, a second regional capital fell, this time in the north: the city of Sheberghan, in Jawzjan province.

Two major cities captured by the Taliban in less than 24 hours, the news has something to worry about. In the capital, Kabul, residents are distraught.

Many civilians have fled the combat zones, such as Mohammad who left Lashkar Gah, a southern city ravaged by clashes. “If the situation remains the same, there is a chance that the Taliban could seize more cities”he said.

War brings only misery and destruction for all. All people are poor, and no matter what happens, not everyone has the means to flee the country. All parties should sit down and discuss together to resolve issues through negotiations“, believes this other resident of the capital.

In the past three months, the Taliban have seized vast rural territories in a lightning offensive. And now they direct their forces on the big cities. Kandahar and Herat, the country’s second and third city, are surrounded.

The United Kingdom has asked its nationals to leave the country in the face of a worsening security situation.

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