A tree offered free of charge to all Welsh homes


For Christmas, the government of Wales wants to place a tree at the foot of the tree.

From March 2022, each household in the country will receive a free tree, which it can choose to plant in its garden or to cede to the country’s forests. In total, nearly 1.3 million trees will be distributed across the country, at a total cost of 2 million pounds (2.3 million euros) according to the BBC.

“Trees are amazing: they save lives by preserving air quality, they improve people’s physical and mental health, recalls Secretary of State for Climate Change Lee Waters, they are essential to heal nature, to improve biodiversity and, of course, to fight against climate change. ”

This measure is part of the Welsh climate program, which plans to plant nearly 43,000 hectares of forest by 2030, the equivalent of 20,000 football fields.

The government argues that planting more trees is not only essential to avert catastrophic climate change, but also to improve people’s well-being and create green jobs.


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