A secret plan for Caleta-Car revealed?


Pushed to the exit during the last summer transfer window, Duje Caleta-Car should not make old bones at Olympique de Marseille. The Phocaean club would have a very specific plan for its Croatian defender.

OM Mercato : Caleta-Car sold this winter?

Already invited to find a new base during this summer transfer window, Duje Caleta-Car remained at Olympique de Marseille hoping to regain playing time that Jorge Sampoli is still not decided to grant him. Indeed, the OM coach prefers to bet on these new summer recruits, including William Saliba, Luan Peres or Leonardo Balerdi, to consolidate its defensive hinge.

But to everyone’s surprise, the coach of Olympique de Marseille decided to start Duje Caleta-Car this Sunday during the defeat against LOSC (2-0). This tenure already arouses various comments in the Phocaean city. For Florent Germain, journalist at RMC Sport, OM decided to play Duje Caleta-Car for a very specific purpose: better sell it during the next winter transfer window.

“Maybe the OM puts it in the window to be able to sell it next winter. I am beginning to believe this hypothesis. It’s the only one that’s plausible. Because he’s pulling his face, he’s not happy, he’s not involved. He lived the summer transfer window badly. In addition, Sampaoli does not like his profile, because he is slow, he is long in the recovery “, said the correspondent to RMC.

Caleta-Because still courted in the Premier League?

But given the performance of the Croatian defender against LOSC, it does not really work in his favor. It must be said that at the end of the defeat of the OM, the performance of Duje Caleta-Car left a bitter taste in the mouth. Nevertheless, the 24-year-old retains a good rating in the Premier League. In addition to West Ham and Southampton, the club Wolverhampton would still be on the lookout to secure the services of the Marseille defender. The Phocaean leaders would like to receive a nice check on his likely departure. An amount of €30 million is mentioned.


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